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Nate Diaz thinks UFC wants him to lose at UFC 202


Nate Diaz talked about the UFC booking the Conor McGregor rematch right away in an interview on UFC Fight Pass Series “The Exchange.” Here is what he had to say:

“So when it first got booked I was like, ‘They want to get me right back in there and try to win this back and weed me out again.’ That’s how it felt. I’m was like, ‘Can I just sit back for eight months and soak up some popularity and some exposure and just go on vacation and do what I gotta do?’ And they were like, ‘We want this’ and I’m like, ‘Why so quick? Whatever.’ Then the deals got done and I was like, ‘Wow. That payday and this payday in that short amount of time, can’t pass that up so let’s do it.’ But I feel like these guys want to weed me right back out, hoping that I lose. Alright, they’d better hope I lose because if I win this one, I’m really taking over.”

UFC 202 takes place on August 20th at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, Nevada. The main card will air on PPV while the prelims will air on FOX Sports and UFC Fight Pass.


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