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Marc Diakiese TKO’s Lukasz Sajewski at UFC 204


Marc Diakiese and Lukasz Sajewski in a lightweight bout opened the UFC 204 Fox Sports 1 preliminary bouts.

In round 1, Sajewski takes him down right out of the gate and got side control. Sajewski transitioned into full mount and worked him over with strikes. Diakiese scrambled and hit a power slam to get to his feet and landed a series of strikes. Sajewski with a trip takedown into half guard. Diakiese got back to his feet and Sajewski clinched to end the round.

In round 2, Diakiese opened the round with a big jumping knee. Sajewski looked visibly tired and wasn’t able to take advantage of the opening. Diakiese started picking him apart with kicks and uppercuts. Diakiese teed off on Sajewski near the end of the round and the fight was stopped after Sajewski stopped defending himself.

UFC 204 took place on Saturday, October 8 in Manchester, England. The UFC Fight Pass prelims started at 6:30PM/3:30PM ETPT with four bouts while the FOX Sports 1 prelims aired at 8PM/5PM ETPT with four bouts. The main card (PPV) aired at 10PM/7PM ETPT with four bouts.

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