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Kaline Medeiros scores decision victory at Invicta FC 19


Manjit Kolekar (9-1) and Kaline Medeiros (8-4) met in a strawweight bout at Invicta 19. In round 1, Medeiros scored an early takedown after Kolekar pressed at the beginning of the round. Kolekar scrambled and got on top in half guard. Medeiros scrambled and got on top midway through the round. Kolekar scrambled to her feet and clinched up against the cage. Kolekar landed a series of knee strikes to the body before separating. Medeiros scored a takedown with less than two minutes to go. Medeiros got her back and landed some big strikes. In round 2, they had a nice exchange throughout the round. Medeiros clinched with her near the end of the round and worked for a takedown, which she later got. Kolekar scrambled back to her feet to end the round. In round 3, Medeiros took her down right away but Kolekar scrambled and got back to her feet right away. Medeiros scored the decision victory.

Invicta FC 19 took place from the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, Mo, on Friday, Sept. 23 and aired live and exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

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