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Joe Rogan hints at smoking pot with Ronda Rousey recently


Current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is on one heck of a ride right now. Before and certainly after UFC 190 her popularity has risen to heights the sport of MMA has never seen before and might not see again. Ronda Rousey being called a superstar is an understatement. Calling her a megastar might do it justice.

During her appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Monday, Rogan hinted that she may have calmed her nerves after smoking pot (which Rogan is a big fan) just moments before going on air.

Rousey: “Now I’m in high-pressure situations all the time and I can deal with it. Now I’m live on the Joe Experience podcast and my heart rate is perfectly fine.”

Rogan: “This is a very low-pressure situation compared to Brazil.”

Rousey: “I’m sure there are some people listening, where if they got on they would have a hard time relaxing. The first time I came on your show, I was a bit amped up because I would watch it all the time and I was a fan.”

Rogan: “Well, if I remember correctly, we might have been medicated at the time. There might have been some plant burning going on (laughs).”

Rousey then laughed in response and didn’t deny it.

You can watch the clip down below starting at the 15:00 minute mark.

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