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Dana White: Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will get fines for press conference incident


As noted, the UFC 202 press conference didn’t go as planned on Wednesday as it ended early after Nate Diaz walked out with his camp and gave Conor McGregor the middle finger before yelling, “(expletive) your whole team.” Moments later, Diaz threw a water bottle toward McGregor on the stage. McGregor threw one back before running around the stage and grabbing full cans of Monster Energy Drink and water bottles and throwing them at Diaz.

UFC President Dana White commented about the incident during a recent interview and said that he expects that both McGregor and Diaz will get a major fine.

“I said last time we were at MGM when Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into a fight this needs to never happen again,” White told MMAjunkie. “I guarantee both guys are going to get fined big-time by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I guarantee you there will be a hearing for both of their licenses. This isn’t a (expletive) joke when stuff like this happens. It’s serious (expletive).”

“I would have been OK with (Nate leaving) because you know what, Nate was there,” White said. “Nate was there early. Nate came out and sat there by himself, answered everybody’s questions, and I have no problem with him leaving until he threw a water bottle.”

“I never say, ‘This is good,’ when that happens,” White said. “Never, ever do I say, ‘This is good.’ I actually came back to the office and saw that our social media team and that our website had posted (expletive) about it, and I was not happy about that either. We ripped it down immediately.

“That’s not some joke that went down. It’s not. It’s serious, and it’s going to go down with the Nevada State Athletic Commission with these two fighters, too. You can’t just start throwing (expletive) around at a press conference.”

“All the people on Conor’s side and Nate’s side are not allowed on the MGM premises,” White said. “I think Conor and Nate are going to do what they do, but you won’t have a gang fight.”

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