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Dan Henderson says he didn’t ask for Michael Bisping rematch


A middleweight title fight between champion Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson is in the works for October. The UFC has yet to make the bout official. This would rematch between the two fighters as Henderson KO’d Bisping at UFC 100.

Henderson revealed in a recent letter that he never planned to fight Bisping again after UFC 100.

“There is a broad misconception that I asked for this fight. I did not,” Henderson wrote in a piece penned for Champions.co. “This is a fight that I think Bisping has wanted for a while, but I didn’t ask to fight him. It came about because 1. We fought on the same card with both of us scoring two impressive victories, and 2. The fans have overwhelmingly requested this rematch.

“Right away, after the Lombard fight, people were saying how I should fight Bisping next, but I honestly didn’t think a whole lot about it because I didn’t think it would happen. The more the fans asked for it, the more the UFC started considering it, and it didn’t hurt that he wanted the rematch, as well. Between him and the fans, they actually managed to make it happen.”

No date for the fight has been set as of this writing.

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